Traffic Management Meeting 10/10 7pm
Posted on Oct 3rd, 2018

During the fall of 2016, residents of the Greenbrook Drive South Neighborhood area (“Neighborhood”) submitted to the Town an application requesting to participate in its Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. In response, the Town conducted traffic studies to measure the speed and volume of traffic on Greenbrook Drive, between Camino Ramon and El Capitan Drive, St. Christopher Drive, and Harlan Drive. Subsequently, the Town held a meeting with the Neighborhood to discuss the results of the survey and to receive feedback. Shortly after, the Town circulated a neighborhood survey with the purpose of quantifying the concerns of the neighborhood and gathering information on the neighborhood’s level of interest in pursuing various traffic safety enhancements on Greenbrook Drive, St. Christopher Drive, St. David Drive, and Harlan Drive. In May of 2018, the Town held a second meeting with the neighborhood in order to discuss the results of the neighborhood survey and to gather additional feedback from the neighborhood. Since this last meeting the Town has performed an additional traffic study and has developed a traffic calming plan proposal for the neighborhood. In an effort to keep everyone informed, the Town would like to invite the Neighborhood to discuss the Town’s traffic calming plan proposal:


   Neighborhood Meeting

      Wednesday, October 10, 2018

at  7:00pm in the Clubhouse