Park 1 Use
Posted on Mar 22nd, 2019

Greenbrook Homeowners:


It has been brought to our attention that bicycle jumps have been dug by children in Park 1 between Greenbrook Drive and Anthony Court, in the silt deposit left in our Park from past winter storms. Although this a frequently used cut through to the Iron Horse Trail by many community members, this specific area is Greenbrook Homes Association private property, not public access, and is maintained as natural creek area and walking path for Association members. There is considerable risk to the Association should a child, or any individual, suffer injury while using Association property in this manner. Additionally, this silt deposit serves as a barrier from additional creek flooding in this low lying area of the Park. Repeated use of bicycles on the turf and redistribution of silt with shovels is causing substantial wear to surrounding landscape and is imposing on the natural creek habitat. The Association will be working to restore this area shortly. We appreciate your understanding and assistance in passing this message along to those who may not be part of our Association to receive this message.