Greenbrook Tennis Rules Updated February 2021
Posted on May 2nd, 2020

The Greenbrook Board of Directors is pleased to see the continued use of the Tennis Courts. The Association is following the Town of Danville, Contra Costa County and State of California guidelines in determining acceptable use during COVID. All other Common Areas remain closed at this time. Please note that the Tennis Courts are open for Play Only. The seating area remains closed.
Tennis Court Rules
During COVID Limited Use
·       Face coverings are not required during play, but MUST be worn before and after at all times when on the premises (ages 2 and above).
·       Gates are NOT to be propped open at any time.
·       Please arrive immediately prior to play and depart as soon as possible at the conclusion of play. Use of the Courts is limited to play only.
·       Seating areas and drinking fountains are not available for use.
·       Standard rules of play are applicable.
·       Per Contra Costa County Guidelines: “Outdoor activities in which people can maintain physical distancing from each other are allowed, but avoid           mixing households and consuming food or beverages during the activity when around others.” 
·       All other Common Areas remain closed. The parking lot is to be used for parking only. Please do not send children unattended to the TotLot.
Members of the Greenbrook Board of Directors or Property Management may be present to observe play and ensure that the above guidelines are met. The Board of Directors reserves the right to restrict, modify or rescind the use of the Tennis Courts to ensure the health and safety of all Members.
Please remember to practice safe Social Distancing while using the Tennis Courts and while on Association property.
For additional information, please use the links blow. Note that Contra Costa County Health is the governing authority.
Contra Costa County Health COVID directive 4/29/20:
Town of Danville COVID directive 4/28/20:
Provided for informational reference-
USTA COVID-19 recommendations: