Greenbrook Pool Update 9/10
Posted on Sep 10th, 2020

Greenbrook Homeowners,
Due to weather conditions such as unhealthy air quality, the Greenbrook Pool has been closed intermittently in the last few weeks, and may continue to do so. Often these conditions change rapidly during the course of the day.
If the Pool is closed, reservations will be cancelled and users will be notified via email. I apologize if cancellation comes with short notice, however every opportunity is taken to use the Pool until conditions become unsuitable. The health and safety of our community and staff is always my priority.
Additionally, when you do use the Pool in the coming days, please be prepared to expect ash on the deck and in the Pool itself. Although our filtration system is constantly working, and our pool company vacuums’ debris in the pool three times per week, the majority of the particles in the water are extremely difficult to remove.